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De-glamourising inpatient (Part VI)

26. Institutionalisation- this one is HUGE. It was within my first two weeks on the ward that I learned just how easy it is/would be to become institutionalised. Often, when hospitalised for mental illness, patients have little or no structure in the ‘outside world’, living a life completely consumed or controlled by their illnesses. In… Continue reading De-glamourising inpatient (Part VI)

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Surviving/Thriving: Why mental health funding is IMPORTANT

So it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. I’ll start of the way a lot of these awareness posts tend to go- with a comparison. Three months ago I was a psychiatric inpatient, approaching the end of a fairly lengthy admission. Today, I stood in front of the Top Dogs of my health trust- chief execs, funding… Continue reading Surviving/Thriving: Why mental health funding is IMPORTANT