I’m a twenty-something year old existentialist and I live in the UK.

I swear an obscene amount and never capitalise my real name. I like autumn, cold winter mornings, incense and staying up late reading interesting books. I’m an avid skier, keen writer, amateur photographer and I go to yoga three times a week but still can’t bend and touch my toes. I like tea, but only when someone else makes it for me.

I’ve struggled with my mental health since childhood, but things came to the fore in around 2008, a few months before my 15th birthday. Since then I’ve struggled primarily with anxiety and mood, and am well over two years free from self harm. In February 2016 I was hospitalised for mania and diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. 

I’ve been in the ‘system’ since March 2010, navigating my way through CAMHS, CMHT, specialist self harm and psychotherapy services, private psychotherapy and several inpatient admissions. In September 2016, I began training as a nurse and got a little insight into things from the ~other side. Unfortunately I’ve had to take a rain check, but I’m hoping it’ll not be long before an NHS lanyard is back round my neck!

I guess this blog will be a mash up of my experiences with mental health, my recovery journey and a few lil opinion posts on things going on with mental health in the media.


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