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Two blog posts for the price of one…an update, I guess?

Pro-tip: read┬áthis summary to save yourself some time. I am feeling frustrated that I feel defined by an illness I refuse to define me and don’t consider to be part of my identity, even though it is because it is a mental illness, so therefore, by definition, it has an impact on my┬áthinking and behaviour,… Continue reading Two blog posts for the price of one…an update, I guess?

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Myth-busting (World Bipolar Day 2017)

It’s World Bipolar Day! SO, I thought I’d have a go at busting some bipolar myths. As always, shoutout to the lovely people that chipped in to help write this, y’all know who you are! “But your moods don’t change throughout the day/you don’t have mood swings”– this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions… Continue reading Myth-busting (World Bipolar Day 2017)

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Antidepressants and bipolar?

A little bit of research will tell you that antidepressants aren’t recommended for bipolar disorder; a lot of psychs will avoid them altogether, while some support the research that says so long as there’s a mood stabiliser in the mix, you’ll be grand. But why exactly are they not recommended? After much research, it’s been… Continue reading Antidepressants and bipolar?

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Discharge, uni and a truckload of anxiety

It’s been ten days since I was discharged. Now that I’m home, things are kind of sinking in. In the space of two and a half-three months, I went from living with a group of people I’d made good friends with, in a new city, in a new country. I went from being a student… Continue reading Discharge, uni and a truckload of anxiety