Inpatient Treatment

De-glamourising inpatient (Part VI)

26. Institutionalisation- this one is HUGE. It was within my first two weeks on the ward that I learned just how easy it is/would be to become institutionalised. Often, when hospitalised for mental illness, patients have little or no structure in the ‘outside world’, living a life completely consumed or controlled by their illnesses. In… Continue reading De-glamourising inpatient (Part VI)

Inpatient Treatment

De-glamourising inpatient (Part IV)

Slowly but surely making my way through my list! 18. Adjusting to life post¬†discharge-¬†Particularly when I’m down, I can find the ‘bubble’ that hospital provides quite comforting, and I’ve met a LOT of people who felt the same- that the ward was ‘safe’. While in some ways it’s positive that the hospital environment can feel… Continue reading De-glamourising inpatient (Part IV)

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Discharge, uni and a truckload of anxiety

It’s been ten days since I was discharged. Now that I’m home, things are kind of sinking in. In the space of two and a half-three months, I went from living with a group of people I’d made good friends with, in a new city, in a new country. I went from being a student… Continue reading Discharge, uni and a truckload of anxiety

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Here is something. For the past 9 days I’ve been plagued with suicidal thoughts, followed by a plummeting mood. Discharge is, once again, postponed. Everyone scratches their heads, wondering why my mood still hasn’t levelled out. The nurses tell me that we need to get me home, before this place starts to eat me alive,… Continue reading Steamrolled