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De-glamourising inpatient (Part II)

7.┬áThe little things- there’s lots of things about being a psychiatric inpatient that are horrible, but I found it was the little things that made it really tough. Like the plastic mirrors, red plastic mugs, handing in your chargers, handing over dressing gown ties, belts, hoody’s, earphones, shoelaces, pencil sharpeners, nail varnish, nail varnish remover,… Continue reading De-glamourising inpatient (Part II)

Inpatient Treatment · Online 'recovery community'

De-glamourising inpatient (Part I)

Before joining the online mental health community, psychiatric hospitals were somewhere I definitely didn’t want to be- I’d only ever heard about them in the news, or from family and friends who told horror stories of the people locked up in ‘the mental’. I’d been threatened by CAMHS and I’d been doing everything to Stay… Continue reading De-glamourising inpatient (Part I)

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The ulterior motive behind the ‘progress photo’

Every year when eating disorders awareness week rolls round, social media is flooded with ‘transformation’ pictures. Rake thin girls with tubes up their noses, collarbones, rib bones, spine bones, the infamous ‘thigh gap’. Beside them, a close up of what they look like today; weight restored, bright eyes and glowing faces and a caption summarising… Continue reading The ulterior motive behind the ‘progress photo’