100 Little things (that make life worth living)

My CAMHS notes make semi-frequent reference to the fact that I had “thoughts of LNWL” during the time I was with them (LNWL being short for ‘life not worth living, I came to realise). One particular night when struggling with thoughts of LNWL, I googled ‘things to do when you’re sad’ and found a website… Continue reading 100 Little things (that make life worth living)

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Psych patient to psych (student) nurse

So here it is. I’m at university, studying nursing. This time seven months ago I was a psychiatric inpatient, newly diagnosed bipolar. I remember the night I was admitted, climbing the furniture in my room, iPod turned up full whack, jumping from chair to ground. I remember wondering when it was going to sink in,… Continue reading Psych patient to psych (student) nurse


When (mental) health professionals say dumb shit

Anyone who’s had experience with healthcare professionals for their mental health will probably know that despite their medical degree and/or extensive training in the field, they’re not exempt from making tactless, insensitive and often invalidating remarks. In fact, sometimes, they can be downright stupid. I’ve had lots of comments over the years that have left… Continue reading When (mental) health professionals say dumb shit

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The ulterior motive behind the ‘progress photo’

Every year when eating disorders awareness week rolls round, social media is flooded with ‘transformation’ pictures. Rake thin girls with tubes up their noses, collarbones, rib bones, spine bones, the infamous ‘thigh gap’. Beside them, a close up of what they look like today; weight restored, bright eyes and glowing faces and a caption summarising… Continue reading The ulterior motive behind the ‘progress photo’