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Mentally ill and working for the NHS?

The other day, I heard about the case of Wendy Potts, a UK GP who wrote a blog about her experiences with bipolar disorder. A patient of hers read the blog and raised concerns over her fitness to practise. As a result, Potts was suspended from practising while an investigation took place, but she committed… Continue reading Mentally ill and working for the NHS?

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Myth-busting (World Bipolar Day 2017)

It’s World Bipolar Day! SO, I thought I’d have a go at busting some bipolar myths. As always, shoutout to the lovely people that chipped in to help write this, y’all know who you are! “But your moods don’t change throughout the day/you don’t have mood swings”– this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions… Continue reading Myth-busting (World Bipolar Day 2017)